Spend less time verifying scheduling, time tracking, and compliance requirement while managing across your entire employee population more efficiently for maximum profitability.

Our comprehensive and incredibly configurable web-based application RENOVA Time & Attendance reduces manual and error-prone data entry and improves overall payroll accuracy.

Our time & attendance software works seamlessly with RENOVA Payroll and RENOVA Human Resources, providing a straightforward user experience on the web, mobile devices, IVR, or with a physical biometric time clock.

Simple Time Tracking

Automated, compliant, and consistent application of all your rules no matter how unique or complex.

Time Off Requests

Track time-off requests, approvals, and vacations to automatically sync systemwide, including payroll, eliminating re-entry.

Personal Time Off Policies

Personal Time Off (PTO) is a piece of an employee's compensation package; this makes it even more important to have a well-communicated policy in place. Make sure you track how much your people are taking and, just as important, ensure you have an easy-to-understand and easy to access PTO.

Scheduling Management

Now you can protect your business from penalties by using our payroll software to:

  • Create, publish and manage schedules in our centralized platform and cut down scheduling time.
  • Apply rounding rules, shifts crossing midnight, bonuses, shift and weekend differentials, and holidays worked.
  • Limit clock-in times by 5 or 15 minutes to let your employees clock in as early as you choose.
  • Set up geo-fenced time clock locations and distance limits from each of your sites.
  • Generate automated timesheets and flexible and powerful reports to help improve your team's productivity.

Labor Cost Management

  • Prevent "buddy punching" and cut down on accidental overtime hours by editing timesheets when an employee forgets to clock out.
  • Specify an IP address for remote workers and change settings as circumstances changes.
  • Apply pay rules, calculating total hours immediately.
  • Calculate labor costs instantly and automatically send total hours to payroll.

Leave Management

  • Spot employee attendance patterns (always early, late, or calling-out), and adjust schedules as necessary.
  • Compare attendance and performance, identify and compare absenteeism trends, and compare data across sites without having to log in to separate applications.

Data Capture

  • Save time by integrating with any attendance tracking tool like the bio-metric or mobile device and manage all your data in one central place.
  • Track and access relevant data and documents.
  • Quick access to our thorough HR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) dashboard.


  • Employees access entry clocks from mobile devices.
  • Managers can create, view and change schedules.

T&A Devices

  • We have a device for your specific need and preference. You can choose from devices with fingerprint recognition, fingerprint and card, WIFI or touchless with multiple verification options.

Time & Attendace Fingerprint


Android Based Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control System With Battery


Fingeprint Time & Attendance & Access Control System with battery


Big capacity Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control System


Touchless Time & Attendance and Access Control System with multiple verification options


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