Address the full spectrum of payroll tasks and avoid payroll management lapses that harm employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Transform payroll processing from a mostly manual intensive task into efficient and continuous payroll calculations, and comprehensive payroll audits with RENOVA Payroll.

Our payroll solution takes advantage of RENOVA HCM of record for worker data across HCM and Payroll to manage benefits, terminations, and life events changes. Its flexible and intuitive configuration supports your organization's advanced requirements through enhanced functionalities that let you:

Automatic Deductions & Fillings

  • Carry out the most complex pay rules requirements.
  • Place workers into logical pay groups.
  • Support different types of payroll pay periods.
  • Control gross-to-net calculations for different types of payroll runs through defined criteria for specific earnings and deductions.
  • Grant access to employees to request time off, view payslips and make payment elections through single self-service.
  • View real-time, detailed payroll liabilities before payroll completes.
  • Access pay results with configurable role-based permissions for business partners outside of the payroll department, so they provide input and view results before payroll completion.
  • View up-to-date payroll information anytime, anywhere.
  • Automatically recalculate payroll results in real-time as pay-impacting events occur.
  • Have seamless integration with multiple payroll providers.
  • Get rid of charges for pay components, calculations from service bureaus, or upgrades from ERP providers.

Direct Deposit

Ease the incident reporting process to federal labor-related agencies with our integrated solution.

W-2s and Tax Returns

  • W-2s and Tax Return Review obligations and have them posted to your accounting system.
  • Prepare payroll forms 941, 943, 944, 940, W2, and W3.

Compliance & Reporting

Deliver a simplified and intuitive enrollment experience for both HR and employees, via the integration of our benefits system with RENOVA Payroll. Our solution lets you:

  • Track global spend on workers, compare payroll results across periods and take action on pay-calculation results via a one-click report.
  • Run predefined standard reports, such as:
    • turnover rates,
    • pay-balances and pay-calculation,
    • pay summaries by employee position, salary or business unit.
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