RENOVA Solutions, Corp. (RENOVA) is a privately-owned technology solutions provider for clients doing business in a wide range of markets and industries in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the Americas.

We offer enterprise cloud-based, on-premise, and business process outsourcing solutions for human capital management.

As a web-based software vendor that specializes in human capital, payroll, and time & attendance management applications, we emphasize usability, providing customers with integrated modules for human resources and business management.

RENOVA's dedicated customer support team strives to offer "best-in-class" client service with a focus on problem avoidance.

This story began in 2012, the year the world would end, according to followers of the Mayan calendar. But instead of thinking about the conclusion of the bʼakʼtun, Wilfredo Cosme and Elvin Irizarry were thinking in a new era of service in the human capital technology industry.

After a long and successful professional career in the payroll and human resources world, these experienced professionals and long time friends knew that the major missing satisfaction factor in their industry was exceptional service. It was time to provoke change and transform their industry.

Driven by their passion for helping companies in workforce management, these software visionaries designed and developed top-notch human capital software and an implementation and service methodology that has revolutionized the human capital software in the Puerto Rican market.

Their superior collection of services is known as RENOVA




To be the leading company in providing technology services and solutions aimed at the human capital market and its related functions that satisfy changing organizations' demands.

Provide the best service, seeking our customers' satisfaction through the integration of technology and human resources. Promote innovative solutions that transform the experience of our clients and their employees.



To be the leading company in the products and services we offer, setting higher standards of excellence and continuous improvement to exceed the expectations of our customers.



Mutual respect, trust, and sincerity

We are committed to creating a space of respect and trust for each other. We respect the difference of thoughts, we trust others, and we share what we know.


Each of RENOVA's team members has their own responsibilities, direction, and leadership. We want our people to be proud to be part of RENOVA.


We promote the highest integrity standards. We inspire confidence. We commit to our word.

Customer Focus

We listen to our customer's needs and respond with energy, passion, and agility. We seek new solutions to create value and trust, building lasting relationships.


We share our knowledge and collaborate with our colleagues and business partners. Our attitude is defined by an immediate, productive, energetic, flexible, and relationship-oriented response.


We always seek to innovate and change by generating and sharing ideas.


We believe in the next generation

At RENOVA, we support future leaders and professionals who want to make a difference in the Information Systems field. We help students get higher education by contributing to the Ana G. Méndez Scholarship Fund, aimed at students of its Business School.

Helping restore our environment

We believe in embracing sustainable business practices, and as part of our day-to-day operations, we follow the three rules of protecting the environment: reduce, reuse, and recycle. That's why our employee welcome package includes a reusable cup and a thermal bottle to use our water cooler instead of bottled water.

We also have made great strides in recent years toward going paperless. Our practices include recycling paper, placing recycling bins in common areas, encouraging staff not to print email and draft documents and to power off computers every day, and setting up collaboration tools to cut back on paper use. We also recycle all of our electronic equipment and devices.

Switching to LED lighting and placing plants that can improve the general air quality throughout the office, was also part of our initiatives to become a more eco-friendly business.

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