Be in control of all your HR processes and become more productive at workforce management.

Manage all your employee-related information and processes with a single web-based solution and make faster decisions with improved access to workforce analytics that provides actionable insight.

Our feature-rich and configurable people management suite, RENOVA Human Resource Management, efectively integrate RENOVA Payroll and RENOVA Time & Attendance, delivering robust functionality tools to help your organization execute all HCM strategies:

Organization Design and Position Control

Build your organization from the ground up and allocate staff to the appropriate cost centers to maximize your budget and control costs.

Manage your organization's structure and secure complete control to:

  • Configure organizational charts.
  • Keep an accurate headcount.
  • View your entire workforce, their contact info, position details, and more, all on one organizational chart.
  • Perform actions on employees, review applicants for open positions, and simulate forecasts.


Fill positions faster with our straightforward and simplified recruiting workflow process.

Recruiting is easier with our online tracking software allows you to:

  • Track the department's job openings, resumes, and candidates.
  • Schedule future posts.
  • Set automatic removal for when the position is filled or closed.
  • Move new hires to the onboard stage without data re-entry.
  • Initiate induction and onboarding before your new hire's first date at work.

Training Management

Create an engaging learning environment and train your employees with the necessary skills to meet your business's future needs.

With our learning management system (LMS), you can:

  • Enable scheduling on training, certifications, licenses, and qualifications.
  • Assign courses for one individual or a group.
  • Empower employees to complete courses at their convenience through our self-service app.
  • Track and report progress and completion of courses.

Benefits Administration

Deliver a simplified and intuitive enrollment experience for both HR and employees, via the integration of our benefits system with RENOVA Payroll.

Our solution lets you:

  • Ensure accuracy in deductions and reporting.
  • Configure multiple plan types with different eligibility rules and waiting periods for various employee groups.
  • Configure accumulations, balance periods, and balances according to your current calculation and reporting needs.
  • Offer 24/7 access to benefits information.
  • Give employees the ability to see projected payroll deductions based on their choices.

HR Case Management

Streamline employee and labor relations management and investigations, ensuring every incident or complaint gets attention, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Use our automated and workflow-driven software to:

  • Monitor and track incidences, offenses and progressive corrective actions.
  • Case data is integrated into the HR profile and case lifecycle stage.
  • Manage incoming employee inquiries and questions - improving the operational efficiency of HR Service Delivery, enabling automated workflows, and providing better case tracking.

Personnel Action

Deliver paperless and quick personnel actions processing with electronic approvals for a complete audit trail that enhances visibility, accountability, and timeliness.

Record actions that require payroll action and keep electronic employee files updated when making:

  • new hires,
  • terminations,
  • status changes,
  • promotions,
  • compensation modifications.


Reduce your company exposure to penalties and demonstrate a company-wide thorough understanding of applicable laws and regulations.

Document work practices and generate reports in a government-required format with our compliance tools:

  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Administration - Automatically track employees' use of FMLA-allotted time.
  • Drug Testing Administration - A comprehensive tool with resources for random drug and alcohol testing and a reporting tool for DOT Compliance and Drug-Free Workplace programs.
  • All of our compliance tools monitor changes in legislation that require software updates.

Absenteeism Management

Keep employees' cost of absence low and productivity high and avoid negatively affecting your bottom line and exposing your business to absenteeism noncompliance related risks.

With our absence management solution, you can:

  • Plan and manage absenteeism events within a single, customizable rule-based system.
  • Have real-time communication between managers and employees on absence requests.
  • Automatically check absence balances to ensure the employee is not taking excess time off.
  • Automate all accrual policies, including carryovers and prorations.
  • Ensure that absences are paid out at the right rates.

Assets Management

Access up to date and reliable information on what was given to each employee so you can make sure the company gets back exactly what it should.

The assets management tool allows you to:

  • Define unlimited asset types and categories such as company vehicles, computers, credit cards, mobile phones, and ID badges.
  • Assign assets to an employee or department.
  • Produce asset list reports.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Administration

Plan, analyze, address issues, and produce timely, accurate, defensible, and compliant affirmative action programs.

Professional Certifications

Track your skilled workforce's certifications, training, credentials, tests, and much more. It's never been easier to maintain compliance and reduce liabilities:

  • Track unlimited certifications.
  • Receive automatic expiration alerts via email or text message.
  • Upload electronic documents.
  • Set up compliance rules.

Disciplinary Actions

Monitor and track employee incidences, offenses as well as other progressive corrective actions related to behavioral issues.

Performance Management

Align corporate and employee objectives, assess individual performance, and measure organizational results.

OSHA Administration

Ease the incident reporting process to federal labor-related agencies with our integrated solution.


Keep all organization members informed of processes that require their attention with automatic email alerts on contract expirations, new hires, and terminations, among other notifications.

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