Automate your company's business processes and promote workplace satisfaction by giving employees ownership of their personal information.

Empower employees and managers with practical, reliable, and secure access to personal information while providing more time for HR admins to focus on strategic initiatives with RENOVA Employee Self-Service.

Our solution is a central location for employees, managers, and administrators to view and manage critical personal data and company information over the Internet or company intranet, and from any device, desktop, or smartphone.

Reduce your burden, increase employee engagement, and boost accountability and response time:

Personal Data Management

  • Define each user's role and control the information each one sees based on their function.
  • Protect sensitive data through user login authorizations.

Employee Central

  • Secure employee access, 24/7 in one convenient place to view checks, request time off, clock in and out, update personal data and collaborate and interact with each other.
  • Review plans and enroll in benefits.
  • Access work schedules.
  • Update marital status, home address, dependents and emergency contacts.
  • Complete self-appraisals.
  • View leave balances.
  • Review current and past paystubs.
  • Access W-2 and other tax forms.
  • Print employment and certifications in government-required formats.
  • Submit expenses.
  • Read and acknowledge Employee Handbook and company policies.

Managers Central

  • Access comprehensive employee data for both direct and indirect reports.
  • Approve schedule changes and time-off requests.
  • Delegate approval rights.
  • Check employee compliance and alerts.
  • Complete performance reviews.
  • Submit expenses.
  • Create custom reports.

Personal Time OFF Policies

  • Personal Time Off (PTO) is a piece of an employee's compensation package; this makes it even more important to have a well-communicated policy in place. Make sure you track how much your people are taking and, just as important, ensure you have an easy-to-understand and easy to access PTO.


  • Employees access entry clocks from mobile devices.
  • Managers can create, view and change schedules.
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