Harness your organization's detailed labor data to generate actionable analytics and insights to improve management activities, from increasing productivity to reducing labor costs.

Build a common analytical culture with democratized insights available as reports and analytics on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

RENOVA Analytics offers open integration, working with external data sources to create connected experiences and a frictionless path to action. Our analytics software uses RENOVA HCM Suite data source to connect users and processes to the information they need to analyze and act on data and become proactive and contribute to company growth.

Move towards a better understanding of what's driving performance and use our HR analytics software to:

Metrics Visualization

  • Identify areas of improvement at-a-glance with our rich set of real-time labor metrics:
    • deviations between the breakdown of labor by pay code,
    • potential abuse of attendance policies,
    • time and cost to hire,
    • retention and turnover rates,
    • skills gaps,
    • top performers,
    • signs of disengagement.
  • Visualize costs impact with easily accessible critical insights on any device.
  • Get automatic data visibility and powerful inline data preparation and visual data flow from anywhere, on any device, whether you load it from RENOVA data or through an operational database.
  • Scalable environment prepared to support varied user requirements.
  • Choose visualization formats.

Industry Standard People Analytics

  • Create customizable reports that are filterable by a broad range of criteria such as:
    • active employees,
    • tenure,
    • reporting level,
    • organizational group,
    • generation,
    • all the data available in the employee,
    • electronic record.
  • Run correlations, regressions, pivot tables, cluster analysis, and advanced crosstabs.

Ad Hoc Reporting

  • Allow non-technical business users access to these most precious insights.
  • Create one-time or stand-alone reports for a particular purpose or business necessity and add an extra layer of substance and success to the data-driven decision-making process.

Demographics maps

  • Spot critical trends in your data with demographic overlays of your data.
  • Easily segment your data and access location-specific information related to gender, race, age, education, and other metrics that will configure a more thorough profile of your people.

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